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Archive of: 2015

  • OPU - What to do about it

    So the dreaded yellow placard, an Order Prohibiting Use (OPU), has been placed on one of your machines or your entire worksite. What should you do now?

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    When Cal/OSHA inspectors come across a hazard which they believe is an “imminent” risk for death or serious physical harm to employees, they have the power to issue an Order Prohibiting Use (OPU).  The effect on the employer can be devastating.


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  • New Heat Illness Reg Effective May Day

    It’s official: The emergency changes to California’s Heat Illness Prevention Program regulation will go into effect and enforcement will start on May 1, 2015. Bear in mind that these changes are not justified by any objective findings of need by Cal/OSHA, but came about instead through undocumented complaints from labor and employee advocacy groups. Nonetheless, California’s outdoor employers must abide by them or face citations or worse.

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  • Sweet Spot?

    The news late last week that Kari Johnson, the Cal/OSHA Appeals Board’s controversial executive officer had resigned effective immediately reminded us of a comment made at the Board’s recent stakeholders’ meeting. The Board’s management member Judi Freyman was pleased to say that the Board has found its “sweet spot.” We don’t know what she meant by that unless she was being ironic. Tell us why we’re wrong to think that.

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