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  • The Nine Rules of Cal/OSHA Inspections

    It’s no surprise, and we are not offended, that we have never been invited to sit in on any of Cal/OSHA’s training sessions. But over the combined four decades that we have been reviewing inspection files and representing employers at hearings we have been able to identify some of the main points that inspectors must be taking away from their classes on how to perform inspections, to conduct interviews and to write citations.

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  • Ronald Eugene Medeiros (1954 - 2016)

    Ron Medeiros died too young last week, at the home he loved so much. I knew him first as an attorney with the Division, then as a friend, and then as Of Counsel to the Robert D. Peterson Law Corporation.

    Ron was the opposing Cal/OSHA attorney in my first hearing. Then, as always, he was courteous and professional. In those early cases he never sought to take advantage of a greenhorn. It wasn’t until I was reasonable seasoned that he took the gloves off and showed me how good he was at his practice.



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  • California: The Place Where Dreams Never Get Started

    Elon Musk, a California resident, heir to Steve Jobs’ reputation as the smartest, boldest guy in Silicon Valley, and the driving force behind Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX, has announced plans to build the biggest manufacturing plant ever. He wants to spend up to $50 Billion and employ 6,500 workers to build batteries to power a more affordable version of the Tesla S, to be called Gen III. The ripple effects benefitting the economy in the lucky community where this plant is built will be enormous.

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  • The First Responder’s Dilemma Part II

    In the last episode of the First Responder’s Dilemma we learned that Cal/OSHA is now penalizing first responders as “employers” for failure to report serious injures encountered during accident response calls as required by Title 8 CCR section 342(b). We left you wondering if first responders have a duty to follow an injury to determine its “serious” nature. (see Title 8 CCR section 330(h))

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  • "They Hate You"

    California employer advocate Fred Walter discusses his firm’s approach to client services and OSHA defense.

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