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Archive of: Injury Reporting (8 CCR section 342)

  • Reporting Workplace Injuries and Illnesses to Cal/OSHA

    Employers have to report workplace accidents and injuries to OSHA, whether Cal/OSHA, Fed/OSHA or another state’s OSHA, within 8 hours of knowing that an injury or illness is “serious.” Let’s look at what that means.

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  • The First Responder’s Dilemma Part II

    In the last episode of the First Responder’s Dilemma we learned that Cal/OSHA is now penalizing first responders as “employers” for failure to report serious injures encountered during accident response calls as required by Title 8 CCR section 342(b). We left you wondering if first responders have a duty to follow an injury to determine its “serious” nature. (see Title 8 CCR section 330(h))

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  • The First Responder’s Dilemma: Part I:

    The Orange County Fire Authority has had a bad couple of years, OSHA-wise.  Since March 15, 2011, the agency has been cited for at least six alleged violations of the reporting rule found at Title 8 Code of California Regulations section 342(b).  This is the public agency counterpart to the employer’s duty found in section 342(a) to report serious injuries and illnesses to Cal/OSHA. It requires police and fire agencies to report any “accident” which results in a serious injury, illness or death to an employee.

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