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Archive of: Heat Illness

  • Now Everybody's HIPP to It!

    The definition of "outdoor place of employment" in California's heat illness regulation [] (known as HIPP to those hip to it) was, depending on your viewpoint, affirmed last week by the California Court of Appeals First Circuit to protect workers reasonably expected to be exposed to outdoor heat, or expanded exponentially to reach employers who would never otherwise consider themselves to have outdoor work places.

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  • New Heat Illness Reg Effective May Day

    It’s official: The emergency changes to California’s Heat Illness Prevention Program regulation will go into effect and enforcement will start on May 1, 2015. Bear in mind that these changes are not justified by any objective findings of need by Cal/OSHA, but came about instead through undocumented complaints from labor and employee advocacy groups. Nonetheless, California’s outdoor employers must abide by them or face citations or worse.

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