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Archive of: Cal OSHA Litigation

  • Now Everybody's HIPP to It!

    The definition of "outdoor place of employment" in California's heat illness regulation [] (known as HIPP to those hip to it) was, depending on your viewpoint, affirmed last week by the California Court of Appeals First Circuit to protect workers reasonably expected to be exposed to outdoor heat, or expanded exponentially to reach employers who would never otherwise consider themselves to have outdoor work places.

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  • CA Supreme Court OK's Civil Penalties for Employers Beyond Cal/OSHA Penalties

    The California Supreme Court has found that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act does not prevent the state from seeking civil penalties against employers for safety violations in addition to any penalties which Cal/OSHA may assess.

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  • Who Is A “Bad” Employer?

    New Cal/OSHA Chief Ellen Widess recently took a victory lap in an e-mail to her employees celebrating the accomplishments of her first 100 days. As you would expect, her catalog of victories was long on rhetoric and short on accomplishments. To give her some credit, she is hampered by Governor Brown’s prohibition against hiring and travel. Hard to run a state agency with only one of those restrictions, let alone both.

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